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PostPosted: Sun Oct 31, 2004 0:20 

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I'm just learning with this LCD stuff, Using noritake gu128x32-311, so if this is has already been asked and assdressed, just send me to the link.

Can LCDINFO change the screen based on what is being played? For example, if a movie is being played ( *.avi format ) can a "movie" screen be called to the LCD? And if a *.mp3 is playing, a "music" screen called? I've noticed you have a plugin for Zoom. I haven't gotten as far as actually testing this yet but if it can send the file name to LCDinfo, can LCD info not change screens based on that data? I'm working on learing XML and C++ to help with the project but I just need a little more time.

I guess it depends if LCDinfo can actually read a variable coming from Zoom? Then we could use something to pull the last three characters from the filename variable and make that into a variable. Then send it to an IF statement. Does that sound doable?

If that all fails, does any one know if the plugins for Zoom or another media player could call a program and end it when finished? Perhaps the player could call on a copy of LCDinfo in folder "Music" which was set to display music screens while playing. Once the file ended, the player could stop that instance of LCDinfo. Like this, choose move to play, play movie, LCDinfo "movie" starts, movie ends, LCDinfo "movie" sops, then starts LCDinfo "clock", located in LCDinfo Clock folder, and continues using that until something else is chosen?

As you can tell, I had way to much time to think about my display before it got here. This HTPC project has totally captured what little free time I have left. Thanks


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PostPosted: Sun Oct 31, 2004 1:45 

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Check out the LCDinfo plugin for meedio, if you are running a HTPC. I have not tested this feature, but check out the official forum:

If you insert a <requireflag> commando in the screen file, it should turn it self on and off according too what is running. I have however not managed to use this feature, as my screens do not start when I use this flag command. It will most likely be fixed in newer versions of LCDinfo.

Forceflag has also been discussed on this forum, a must for many useful things, e.g. incoming e-mail, volume change, MBM5 alerts etc.

The meedio plugin will look something like this on your display.

-= Torro =-

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 02, 2004 15:17 

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Yes things like you described should be possible. Currently plugins can set "flags" to inform of different events and based on these flags screens can be included and excluded from the rotation. Also the Zoom plugin already gets the name of the media file.
Functionality for locking to certain screen when some flag is set is not yet implemented but it should be pretty simple. Just some modifications and additions to the couple functions handling the screen changes and rotation.

It has been mentioned in this forum few times that the flags don't work correctly. I never noticed that myself but I need to do more testing with this.

 Post subject: Change screen on Event
PostPosted: Sat Dec 25, 2004 16:51 

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ist very intresting for me to change the LCDinfo screen based on Events. I`am runnging myhtpc, so i want to see the wmp plugin running when I´am listening to musik and the zoomplayerplugin when I`am looking am movie. The link above is sounds good, but can i use it for myhtpc ? If anybody knows more about the handling with myhtpc and LCDinfo or configre LCDinfo to show screens based on MediaEvents (starting WMP, oder Zoomplayer ..... ) please mail me ;)

I wish you all a marry x-mas and a happy new Year ;)


PostPosted: Fri Jan 21, 2005 15:40 
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Has anyone actually tested the Meedio plug-in?

As the free trial software only lasts 15 days I was hoping to get some feedback from other users before tinkering with it myself. Don't want to spend those 15 days working out issues, only to have the trial version finish on me, I like to know what issues I'm like ly to encounter first.


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