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Author:  DarkElf [ Tue Jan 13, 2004 11:33 ]
Post subject:  Plugin for plugins

Could a plugin access an other plugin?
Because a lot of plugins doesn't have a graphic representation of their values.

Author:  Henri [ Sat Jan 17, 2004 13:59 ]
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Not at the moment. Functionality to the SDK for getting values from other plugins has been planned for some time now.

Also graphic presentations of values are going to be built in to LCDInfo so that you can tell in the screen file what kind presentation to use (bar, histograph, pie, etc.) and connect the value to it. There is already some code for this included in LCDInfo, I just need to kick myself to continue working on those.

Author:  Syridian [ Fri Dec 03, 2004 7:05 ]
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Is this just a matter of utilising the right XML code Henri?

If so, could you post the details... Than I can add it to the manual.

Author:  Henri [ Sun Dec 05, 2004 17:13 ]
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Not yet...

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