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Author:  _X-bRaIn_ [ Sat Jan 29, 2005 18:01 ]
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Ohh :cry: this plugin doesn't work with my lcdinfo! Anyone can help me please???

Thks :roll:

Author:  Syridian [ Sun Jan 30, 2005 8:54 ]
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Not really... Not with the the detailed info you have provided about the problem, what you are trying to do, what it IS actually doing and what version of LCDinfo youare running. ;)

Oh... You didn't provide that information? :oops:

Maybe you should. :D

Author:  _X-bRaIn_ [ Sun Jan 30, 2005 15:42 ]
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I have LCDinfo 0.6 (build 17) and when I copy the file time_plugin.dll to folder of lcdinfo and I initiate the program, appears an error and the program finish...

Anyone help me please... :cry: :oops:

Author:  Syridian [ Sun Jan 30, 2005 23:31 ]
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Thats one of the the answers we need. :) We have a version number...

Have you read the instructions on the time info plug-in? Cause if you had you would have read that it also requires a clock bitmap to be placed in the LCDinfo directory also.

See the start of this topic here: and fully read the first post. It'll explain a few things to you. If you have fully read and followed those instructions, and still have a problem, then feel free to post again asking for help. But please provide all of the information asked for above, as we can't really help you without it.

Author:  Henri [ Thu Feb 03, 2005 0:58 ]
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_X-bRaIn_ wrote:
I have LCDinfo 0.6 (build 17)

That could be a problem. Try build 18 or newer.

Author:  noodles [ Sun Apr 03, 2005 13:45 ]
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i am trying to make my 3310 display to work with time_plugin.dll
i renamed the image : Clock_Background.bmp
it also displays me the driver in the CONFIGURE PLUGINS meny
is this all , is there something else to make it work , SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH

Author:  Henri [ Thu Apr 07, 2005 21:45 ]
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Have you also done some screen that includes the clock image ?

Like mentioned in the first post.
<item type="pluginimage" x="5" y="9">

Author:  brantje [ Mon May 02, 2005 10:14 ]
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I get the error uNable to load clock background
i placed the images in the root director of lcd info

Author:  coorz [ Mon May 02, 2005 12:50 ]
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brantje wrote:
I get the error uNable to load clock background
i placed the images in the root director of lcd info

Did you rename the bmp to 'Clock_Background.bmp' ?
And you need to make screenfile like this:
<item type="pluginimage" x="5" y="9">

Author:  Antex [ Sun Oct 02, 2005 11:58 ]
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Is there some possible to disable that seconds hand from analog clock? :roll:

Because my display flicks every time when seconds hand move like i mention in here

Author:  Remboooo [ Mon Nov 14, 2005 22:55 ]
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I've improved this plugin somewhat. It has a few extra variables, and an analog clock without the seconds hand is added. Also the linedrawing bug has been eliminated, as well as a bug that caused months and days to be swapped.
I've cleaned up the code too, it's much much shorter now... I have to admit, at some point I was like "what the F$#*& was this guy smoking when he wrote this?!". Oh well. All is well now ;)

Well, here's the source, and here's the dll. Have fun :)

"TimeInfo.Hour" Name:"System Time Hours"
"TimeInfo.Minute" Name:"System Time Minutes"
"TimeInfo.Second" Name:"System Time Seconds"
"TimeInfo.Time" Name:"System Time (hh:mm:ss)"
"TimeInfo.Day" Name:"System Date Day"
"TimeInfo.Month" Name:"System Date Month"
"TimeInfo.Year" Name:"System Date Year (YYYY)"
"TimeInfo.ShortYear" Name:"System Date Year (YY)"
"TimeInfo.Date0" Name:"System Date (dd/mm/yy)"
"TimeInfo.Date1" Name:"System Date (mm/dd/yy)"
"TimeInfo.Weekday" Name:"System Weekday (Monday-Friday)"
"TimeInfo.ShortWeekday" Name:"System Short Weekday (Mon-Fri)"
"TimeInfo.Month_Name" Name:"System Date Month (January - December)"
"TimeInfo.Month_ShortName" Name:"System Date Month (Jan - Dec)"
"TimeInfo.Analog" Name:"System Analog Clock"
"TimeInfo.AnalogWithoutSec" Name:"System Analog Clock w/o Seconds Hand"

I noticed there was a rounding error which for example caused the seconds hand to not be completely horizontal when at 15 sec, it's fixed in this dll. The actual problem was in lcdbitmap.h, look in the developers forum if you want the modified version of this header.

Author:  Rexxie [ Fri Nov 18, 2005 23:14 ]
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The links are broken, any chance you can put them up again? Thanks :)

Author:  Remboooo [ Sat Nov 19, 2005 14:37 ]
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Woops, forgot that i put them in the lcdinfo/ folder.. better check my links next time when i post them ;)

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