Major problems =(
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Author:  Ethra [ Fri Sep 10, 2004 18:03 ]
Post subject:  Major problems =(

This isn't working for me. First of all; I heard about using Nokia lcd's with puters in a completely other forum. I'm really a n00b in this area, and it's seems no-one can help me with my problems! I've been working on my lcd for 6 WEEKS now, and it has already cost me dearly! Now I finally got the wiring right(I suppose?) so now I'm fighting the software. I downloaded the latest LCDInfo(after tryign 6 different programs, I heard LCDInfo is the only one compatible with Nokia lcd's *sigh*). Then what? Nothing happens, nothing works and I can't find my display in the list of displays...

Then someoen tells me that LCDInfo is a winamp plugin... Umm ok? So I just moved the entire content of my folder to the plugin folder for winamp. Nothing works, Winamp doesn't find any new plugins. Then I tried to read some of the finnish conversations here and saw the file vis_lcdinfo.dll getting mentioned over and over. I couldn't find such a file. So I asked in another forum. Got the anser to look in /extra_dlls/. I have no such folder. At this stage I'm pulling the hair of my head and banging the keyboard against the monitor. So after a week of crying and lots of cursing, I got the file sent to me. All happy about my long-wanted file, I put in my Plugin-directory. loaded Winamp 5.01 and got the error: "Runtime Error 216 at 00002BAC". Great. When I click "Config" it says "217". So I download Winamp 2.78, and get the same error. But when I try to config the plugin it says "238". I'm not a very happy man, I can tell you that much.

I hope and pray to God that someone can help me though this, because I'm on the virge of tossing my entire puter thru the damned wall here, just to get it out of my sight.


Author:  NeoTO [ Fri Sep 10, 2004 18:21 ]
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It might be that you are using an older version of the LCDInfo...

Author:  Ethra [ Fri Sep 10, 2004 18:56 ]
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I'm not sure which version of the vis_lcdinfo.dll I have. And i'm not sure how to use it! I'm not sure about anything, I've been guessing for weeks now. Is vis_lcdinfo.dll the ONLY file I need to show Winamp info on my lcd? Or do I need to run LCDInfo at the same time? Are there any more files missing? And what about the LPT settings? I use SPP now, isa that ok?

Author:  Henri [ Fri Sep 10, 2004 19:05 ]
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Yes you will need LCDInfo also running to get something on the screen. vis_lcdinfo.dll is a support dll needed to get the data from winamp.

First thing you want to do is download the LCDInfo package from here:

There is a proper vis_lcdinfo.dll in the /extra_dlls/ directory.
For instructions to install the vis_lcdinfo.dll file check here:
"You need to put the vis_lcdinfo.dll from the lcdinfo package's /extra_dlls/ directory to your winamp/plugins directory and set it as the current visualization plugin in Winamp. You might also want to check Auto execute visualization plug-in on play from Winamp's plugin settings."

Then you need to select the correct display driver (PCD8544) from the driver selection dialog in LCDInfo. Here's some first step instructions:

The 'default' screen for LCDInfo after you extract the files from the archive is a 84x48 pixel sized winamp screen so it should be fine for your PCD8544 lcd.
To make your own screens later you can check this:

Hope this would give you some hints, let us know how it goes...

And to comment on some things in your first post. No, LCDInfo is not a winamp plugin but rather a separate independent program so you shouldn't put it in your winamp directory. Of course you can put it there and it should not cause problems as long as the files are in their own directory so that they don't mix with winamp files. But the vis_lcdinfo.dll file is a winamp plugin that you should put in your winamp/plugins directory. It is used by LCDInfo to read the data from winamp.
The number you get when pressing the config button is infact the length of the currently playing song. So it's not any error number or anything like that. I was under the impression that I already fixed this for the latest versions so that this confusing number doesn't show up anymore.

Author:  Ethra [ Fri Sep 10, 2004 20:45 ]
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Thanx for the links to the correct downloads. But there is still something fishy about the Winamp plugin, because I still can't get it to load properly. At least I think not. I still get the Runtime error, and I can't access the plugin config. Not in 5.01, and not in 2.78.

And finally, not a sign of life on my lcd... What abot my LPT settings in Bios? EPP, SPP, what's the difference anyways?

Author:  Henri [ Fri Sep 17, 2004 16:52 ]
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Yes sounds like there is some problem now as you get the runtime error. I have tested the dll with the 2.9x and 5 versions of winamp and it worked fine for me. Has anyone else had similar problems ?

Then not having anything on the lcd is another problem. I have usually used the ECP/EPP LPT setting in bios but I've noticed that they don't really make much difference for me.

Some explanation about parallel port modes
Standard Parallel Ports are the slowest type. SPP ports can be called unidirectional, bidirectional, standard, compatible and other names. These ports run at very slow speeds.

Enhanced Parallel Port. Similar in speed to ECP (below). EPP is usually the preferred setting since it does not use a DMA channel. This can be a great benefit on systems that have many devices installed.

Enhanced Capabilities Port. ECP ports use a DMA channel, but generally provide only a slight increase in speed.

More ... lained.asp

Most display drivers in LCDInfo don't use any advanced features so simple SPP port shoul be enough to work.

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