Plugin for analog type gauges...
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Author:  One~Zero [ Wed Jan 12, 2005 2:47 ]
Post subject:  Plugin for analog type gauges...

I saw this LCD at, and was wondering if this could be done for LCDinfo?

Author:  One~Zero [ Wed Jan 12, 2005 2:52 ]
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Sorry, specificaly looking at the analog gauges...

Author:  Henri [ Mon Jan 17, 2005 13:14 ]
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Something like that could be added to LCDInfo but it would take a little bit of coding. Some ideas for drawing the gauges could be learned from the clock plugin source code for example.

I think the best way to approach this would be to add this functionality to the LCDInfo core as a new screen item.

Author:  One~Zero [ Mon Jan 17, 2005 21:29 ]
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I was thinking the same thing about following the examples of the clock plugin, as it would adapt itself automatically for the size of the gauge designed. Also, if a movement "window" could be set up (i.e. start at 270 degrees, end at 90 degrees) would be useful. One more idea would be to be able to specify what range of numbers and divisions to specify (i.e. 0-250, at 10 degree marks).

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