Noritake GU128x64-800 / 800A
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Author:  Henri [ Sat Oct 25, 2003 13:58 ]
Post subject:  Noritake GU128x64-800 / 800A

This driver is done for a 128x64 display but it has been confirmed to work with the 128x32 model. If someone would like to see some other size supported let me know.

Author:  fluppie007 [ Fri May 21, 2004 23:48 ]
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Hi ALl,

I've also a noritake 128x64 vfd 800.
I have markus zehnder's wiring. For use with liquid mp3 I use this setup:

1 - RD
14 - WR
16 - CSS
17 - C/D

This works for me but not for LCD info.

I downloaded the alpha version and selected noritake 800 0.2 driver
used above settings. Restarted LCD info nothing happens.


this is my screens.xml file

Can someone point me into the right direction ?

Thanks !


Author:  Henri [ Sat May 22, 2004 17:13 ]
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I have used the LiQuiD-MP3 wiring myself and also in the development so I haven't personally ever tested the Markus Zehnder wiring so it's possible there is some bug.

All your LCDInfo settings look fine to me.

I need to check this myself with my display to see if there's some bug.

Author:  fluppie007 [ Mon May 24, 2004 21:03 ]
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and is there a bug or not :D ?


Author:  Henri [ Mon May 24, 2004 22:03 ]
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I realized I had another Noritake cable which I had made for the Noritake GU256x64-372 display based on the example in the Noritake development kit. I also realized the wiring from the Noritake development kit seems to be same as the Markus Zehnder wiring mentioned here:

CSS - ground
RD - 14
WR - 1
C/D - 17

So I tested this cable with my 800 display and it works fine with LCDInfo. In the wiring dialog I set the CSS pin to LPT 16 as it was the only one still left. In reality this doesn't matter as CSS isn't connected to LPT port at all.

Are you sure you're using the Markus Zehnder wiring as what you told doesn't seem to match with my information ?

Author:  fluppie007 [ Thu May 27, 2004 21:07 ]
Post subject: 

it works whiiiiiiiiii thanks !!!

Author:  Harlan [ Wed May 25, 2011 14:12 ]
Post subject:  Re: Noritake GU128x64-800 / 800A

woohoo thanks so much! it really works!:)
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