PCD8544 (Nokia LCD)
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Author:  DonFranczesko [ Tue Jun 01, 2004 16:13 ]
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Ok, I think I will try to do it, when I will have some more time :)
The only thing that worries me is if I burn the LPT port... I think I will power 7404 from external power source.

oh, almost forgot, when I have a documentation of 74LS04 -> PDF
on second page. How should I read this characteristics, is mA on output voltages for all gates, or for only one? And when I connect a LED after this IC will I overload it?

I surely report what happen after test :) Hope, it would be succesful :)

Author:  sashijoseph [ Fri Jun 04, 2004 19:08 ]
Post subject:  Zener instead of regulator?

Hi henri :D ,
I just wanted to know whether we could use a 3v zener coupled with a 100 ohms resistor instead of the 3.3v regulator?What say? :?:

Author:  rekked [ Mon Jun 07, 2004 0:31 ]
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I have followed this (french) tutorial (Although I ended up quitting the Zener diodes, 'cause my motherboard only gives me 2.7 v if I use them).

6 x 1K2 ohm R's
1 x 2,2 uF
1 x 1 uF

That's all I used, and I works fine. If your paralell port gives 5V, you may consider changing R's values, but it worked fine for me with those.

Author:  Grandi [ Sat Jun 12, 2004 13:28 ]
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I was just wondering if i could use that 74LCX245, what converts +5V to +3.3V, to power up my LCD?

Author:  Henri [ Mon Jun 14, 2004 0:07 ]
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I think 74LCX245 can source enough current to power the lcd but you also need a 3.3V supply to power 74LCX245 so I'm not seeing why you would like to do that ?

Author:  coldfire [ Mon Jun 14, 2004 11:57 ]
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Hi henri,

I got a small problem with my 3310 lcd. I got it wired-up like this:

8pins (3310 lcd)

lpt----lcd------resistors (Are wired between the lpt and the lcd pins)
------1------------------ 2,85 volts ( got a external power supply)
------7------------------not connected

My power supply gives a regulated 2,85 volts. According to the scematic below.


The problem is when I start LCDinfo it shows the test_84x48 screen for a second or 2 and then it doesn't do nothing....wel sometimes it blinks the test screen and then for a view minutes nothing again. I dont know whats wrong with the lcd or the software but i can't get i working properly. Please can you give me some advise :?: Thanks in advance.

EDIT: It now gives an almost black test screen...Al the pixels are black. This cant be right :?

Author:  rbn [ Tue Jun 15, 2004 8:37 ]
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Henri (or other developers), do you think that you could make the driver for these displays compatible with the serdisplib pinout.

Also i think it would be cool if someone could write a HOWTO or something on using LCDInfo. :)

Thank you.

Author:  Henri [ Wed Jun 16, 2004 20:13 ]
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As you can get the software work for a while I think your software side should be ok. Maybe you have some problems with the power to the lcd. Maybe it's not clean enough and the lcd resets itself or something similar. Or maybe there's noise in the data lines.
Also the completely black screen might be because of power problems or incorrect voltages.

Yes, I should make it compatible with that (or to be more precise make the wiring settings user definable like in most other drivers).

Author:  Paasan [ Thu Jul 08, 2004 0:23 ]
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I got some problems finding these parts in a webshop close to my country (norway) that sends to private persons.

Is it possible to use any of the transcievers found here ? i found the 74lvc245, but its made by philips and not texas instruments as the one ippe- found a sheet for ( )

I cant find the correct regulator either, but after what i understand LP2980 ( ) does the same thing.

Author:  Henri [ Fri Jul 09, 2004 12:34 ]
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74LVC245 should be just fine. Also LP2980 should work fine. As you can see you don't need the exact parts, just parts that have the same functionality.

Author:  Paasan [ Fri Jul 09, 2004 15:54 ]
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great, thanks

Author:  vorri [ Mon Jul 12, 2004 13:33 ]
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I´m a little confused :cry: [/img]

Author:  Henri [ Tue Jul 13, 2004 10:07 ]
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Based on your post I can only refer you here: ... =2527#2527

Author:  Henri [ Tue Jul 13, 2004 22:12 ]
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I moved the programming question to the development forum:

Author:  Hayden [ Thu Jul 29, 2004 5:19 ]
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Where can I get the driver chip for the 3310 screen in Australia e.g. (jaycar or dickmiths) etc. etc
I have looked everywhere in my town

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