PCD8544 (Nokia LCD)
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Author:  -A_T- [ Tue Sep 28, 2004 14:47 ]
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my lcd is working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i just connected 5rd lcd pin to gnd, and its working!!!!!!!!!
i dont know how long it will be ok,,, vere can i find other people screen configs?

Author:  spronkey [ Sun Oct 31, 2004 4:44 ]
Post subject:  transceiver chip

OK, I'm a bit pissed off it took me so long to find this website. I've been wanting to hook up a graphical LCD for years and years.

Anyway, I'm going to buy some LCDs from old nokia 3310/3210/5110/5120 phones for use with this, however - that 75LCX245 chip is absolutely impossible to find in New Zealand.

I can find some ICs (not much information apart from the codename sorry :() similar in model #:
1.- 74LS244 Octal Buffr/Line Driver Low-power Schottky

or a more promising:
2.- 74HC245 Octal Bus Transceiver Static Sensitive CMOS IC

I'm not sure what the HC is, but i'm guessing its meant to deal with high voltages.. - would either of these be suitable?

Failing that, as I understand it the chip is just there to lower the Vout from the parallel port from 5v to ~3.3v - do you reckon I could simply wire up a resistor to each pin and get the same effect?

Thanks :)

Author:  Henri [ Tue Nov 02, 2004 14:55 ]
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The requirements for the IC to use are that with a supply voltage of 3.3v it's outputs work at 3.3v level and it accepts 5v level signals in it's inputs in this situation.
74LCX245 and 74LVC245 are the only that I remember to be specified for this. I'm sure there are others though.

There are many ICs with similar functionality in the 74xx244 / 74xx245 series but if you look into 74LS244 and 74HC245 specifications you can see there are some reasons why the above electrical requirements aren't supported. But they could still work fine in this situation but I've just never tested and can't promise they will work or that they might not cause problems later. Well I can't give any quarantees for the 74LCX245 either but at least I've tested it myself.

If you read the earlier posts in this topic you can see there has been discussion about using resistors only and some have tried it but again I have not tested it.

Author:  spacy2003 [ Tue Nov 02, 2004 16:35 ]
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Hi because my nokia 3310 was broken (lcd still works :wink: )
i opened it up and saw some weird resistors that i havent seen on pictures of an lcd on a 3310.

Now my question is can i just use the shematics here on this forum or do i have to do something special.

here is a picture:

and can i use this shematic ?


and are the pins of the 3310
sck -> pin1
sdin -> pin2
... etc ?

thnx in advance :wink:

Author:  rbn [ Sun Dec 05, 2004 16:25 ]
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spronkey : 1k resistors are what i use and the schematic over at the serdisplib homepage uses them too (perhaps because i used the circuit from the serdisplib page :)):

The circuit works great for me, but from what i remember, you need to swap some pins around for it to work with LCDinfo. But that shouldn't be a problem.

Author:  Henri [ Sun Dec 05, 2004 16:45 ]
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I just remembered that the latest PCD8544 driver configuration dialog has an option for custom wiring so it might also work with the serdisplib wiring. But I have only tested with my own wiring config so if anyone tests it with the serdisplib wiring I'd like to hear the results.

Author:  rbn [ Sun Dec 05, 2004 17:09 ]
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Thats great!
I'll see if it works in the morning (australian time) as it's 2:00am here and i need sleep.

Author:  Geduxaz [ Wed Dec 22, 2004 18:08 ]
Post subject:  ;)

I have connected LCD directly to LPT port.. without any 74Xxxx or capasitors or rezistors... it works perfectly and i have no problems... :)

Author:  rbn [ Wed Dec 22, 2004 19:13 ]
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Well I'm glad that it works, but wont that put alot of stress on the lcd screen?
I'm definitely no electronics expert, i've just heard that it might. (I know there's a problem with xbox chips having the same problem on newer version
xbox's where the result can be a shorter chip life (depending on what brand of chip you have))

I've picked up another LCD screen from a nokia 5110 and am deciding what to do with it, i may try and make a standalone LCD using a PIC etc.

My last post was at 2:00 AM, well, I'm beating my personal best, it's 4:15 AM in Australia :P

Author:  Syridian [ Fri Feb 11, 2005 6:52 ]
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Having errors with the PFC8544 driver... it crashes LCDinfo. It must be something I have running on my PC. Would Visual C++ affect it's operation? I'll post the actual error when I get a chance.

Author:  Henri [ Sat Feb 12, 2005 12:40 ]
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You have probably seen a bug in LCDInfo: ... id=0000025

Author:  Syridian [ Sun Feb 13, 2005 23:41 ]
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Brilliant! ;) Thanks Henri, all fixed.. Well, in the sence that I don't have a problem now, but the bug is still there.

Author:  virtualas [ Thu Mar 03, 2005 21:58 ]
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hello henri,
i made lcd like but it isnt workingi tried to change pin's positions on lcdinfo but nothing is hapening . :/ is there anyone who made it and it is working or ,henri, can you chack it out? please anyone help me.

Author:  Henri [ Mon Mar 07, 2005 22:48 ]
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I suppose it should be working with that wiring but I haven't tested myself and I don't have a display to test now.

Author:  _X-bRaIn_ [ Tue Mar 08, 2005 1:31 ]
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anyone have problems with asus a7n8x-x?!

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