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Author:  mosiba [ Sun Mar 07, 2004 19:43 ]
Post subject:  driver 3410

Hello, I made the circuit for the 3310 display with a 3410 display, it works but I still have 1 problem, the resolution of a 3410 display is 96x63 (3310: 84x48). So my graphics on the screen don't work good...

How can I change the driver so that the display works perfect, or can you (Henri) make it for me? I don't think it is a lot of work for you. I'm not good in software....

Thank you! :)

Sorry for my bad english, I'm belgian! ;)

Author:  Henri [ Mon Mar 08, 2004 16:27 ]
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I should be able to make this change to the driver with your help (testing).

Author:  mosiba [ Mon Mar 08, 2004 16:34 ]
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No problem, I will test it for you! :)


Author:  mzck_fatman [ Fri Apr 30, 2004 14:45 ]
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Hi i've got the same problem in fact ! Everything works fine except for this resolution issue can i have a driver for my 3410 LCD ?

Thx Henri you're doing so much good job on this project !!

Author:  Henri [ Sat May 01, 2004 16:47 ]
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You can get the driver for 3410 display too, just send me email.

Author:  Szabi [ Fri Oct 13, 2006 16:18 ]
Post subject:  3410 again


Can somebody please tell me, what kind of controller is used in the 3410 displays?

I've made a driver for the PCF8812, everithing worked fine, except the extended instruction set (H=1). The controller just didnt react to it.
(in other words, I cant adjust the CONTRAST, it is fixed)

Here is the schematic diagram used.


Author:  Szabi [ Thu Nov 02, 2006 18:38 ]
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Author:  Henri [ Tue Jan 30, 2007 20:36 ]
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Unfortunately I don't know what the exact controller used is. I was just told that the 3410 display mostly worked with the PCD8544 driver and then I added the support for the larger resolution.

I see the earlier discussion in this topic can give the impression that only way to get the 3410 modified driver is by asking me but it has been included in the LCDInfo package for a long time now.

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