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Author:  Carlo75 [ Fri Feb 11, 2005 1:45 ]
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cant get mine to work...not eve show that error

Author:  christou [ Wed Jun 08, 2005 17:27 ]
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hi everyone!
i got the SED1520 from somewhere(made in china, original model is SMG12232A). i was trying to control it using MPU but i don't know it works or not. i've tried lcdinfo and the result like the one above
there are two black lines in the middle with fews pixels normal. i found that all the pixels on the screen can work correctly since sometimes it will mess up.
after that i tried to load a picture to test the lcd again(as below, because i should plug on the board so it was up side down). it cannot show the upper-left corner.
what can i do or is the screen damaged?
the 'good bye!' message can show correctly
i use IC555 as the 2khz clock and i didnt make the contrast adjusting circuit
i want to control it by the 80 family MPU, any code samples? since i have no idea about how to initialize it.
i've used another lcd modual(text mode) before, it use led (with a little box) as the backlight, but the sed1520 use a white foil as the backlight which i cannot light it up by directly pass the 4.2v to it. what other things i need to do with it?


Author:  Carlo75 [ Fri Jun 10, 2005 16:39 ]
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seems no driver update for over a year,

continue waiting on sed 1520 with external clock driver...

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