Changes from build 17 to newer versions?
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Author:  HdWagner [ Sat Jan 22, 2005 15:23 ]
Post subject:  Changes from build 17 to newer versions?

I need some advise and/or assistance. My Meedio plugin [url={0ACE0952-DE4C-4F01-967F-1161D249AD1E}]C.Mee[/url] used to work fine with LCDInfo 0.6 build 17.

With builds 18 and 19 it doesn't. On some computers LCDInfo just quits when the plugin is in the LCDInfo folder, on other PCs Windows XP complains about LCDInfo writing to illegal memory.

The strange thing is that the plugin dll is not running at this moment (neither is DllMain executed, nor are the constructors executed). So it must be LCDInfo itself, what's trying the illegal writing.

But since this bug occurs only when my plugin-dll is present, the plugin is the main cause. Why? I haven't changed my code, so probably you have changed yours.

What can I do?

Author:  mingingbollock [ Sat Jan 22, 2005 15:49 ]
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yeah the plug-in wont of been updated to run with the new versions, azureus plugin is the same, waiting patiently for updates :D

Author:  Henri [ Sun Jan 23, 2005 2:17 ]
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Yes the plugin SDK interface was slightly updated to allow for some new functionality and unfortunately this broke the compatibility with the older plugins. Check for old plugins is still missing and because of this old plugins can currently crash LCDInfo.

I was pretty sure that I clearly wrote in the release notes about the change and that old plugins won't work but now that I looked around I couldn't find that info. :oops:

You can download the new SDK here:

Your plugin should compile if you just add the configure() function like shown here:

If it suits your plans you could also give me the source for the LCDInfo part of your plugin so that I could include it with LCDInfo and if some interface changes come, recompile it so that you wouldn't need to. But this is of course up to you.

Author:  Guest [ Sun Jan 23, 2005 17:23 ]
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Thank you, Henry!

Live could be so easy... I didn't #include "sdk\configure.h"... This wasn't needed in Build 17 and I forgot to reenable it. *sigh*

Problem solved! :D

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