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Author:  Syridian [ Thu Feb 17, 2005 23:37 ]
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Ahhh Well... I was just being hopeful... If it worked it would tie in nicely with my object orientating screen files theory. ;) Guess I'll have to learn how to program properly, and add this functionality.

Author:  Henri [ Sat Feb 19, 2005 18:15 ]
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Syridian wrote:
Ok, a bit of wishful thinking here... But would the screen item below actually work?

   <item type="bar" x="100" y="2">

Won't work like that. Currently the <maxvalue> has to be some numerical value but modifying it so that it would also get the maxvalue from plugin is possible. I think more work is deciding how to inform LCDInfo if the maxvalue to be parsed is a plugin value or just basic numerical value. Probably just add new config value that tells the type of the data there. Or maybe then make LCDInfo check if a variable with name between maxvalue tags is available and if not interpret it as numerical value (some error checking here of course as we don't know what kind things the user might input so we can't just blindly expect it to be valid value).

Author:  Syridian [ Sun Feb 20, 2005 2:58 ]
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Ok.... Well I have just go up to an interesting part in my C++ book... It's the part about function overloading. Which basically describes the process of having multiple functions to handle differant information types.

Could this not be used here?

If an Int is parsed, use the Int value, if a String is parsed, read the string, convert it to the variable, then return the Int value that the variable refers to.

Happy to chat with you online sometime to have two minds woking on the same problem, just gotta organise a time when you can sit down and work on LCDinfo, and I am also free to help. :) Time differances are a pain in the butt sometimes.

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