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Author:  Henri [ Sat Oct 02, 2004 13:19 ]
Post subject:  LCDInfo source code

Here's finally the source code for LCDInfo. My plan was to clean up the code and make some documentation before releasing the sources but as that seems to be taking some time I decided to just release the source in it's current form without the planned improvements.

The code here is mostly done already over a year ago and there are many things I would have liked to improve after that. It was used to learn what kind things can be done using C++ and as such it isn't very organized or properly planned project. There are many quick and dirty hacks that could be written again. But I think it's better than nothing so I'm releasing the sources here. At least I feel it's much better than the 0.3 series...

Setting up a CVS to keep the files might be a good idea. Last year I was already planning to setup a project to but I noticed that someone had already taken the lcdinfo project name so that didn't happen at the time. As the first step I'm just releasing the source archive here now.

Feel free to ask questions about how things work in it and so on... If you make any additions I'm glad to include them. Also discussion and suggestions of how to develop it further is very much welcome. Don't be afraid to critizice what I have done. :)

Source archive: ... source.rar

Author:  mrwastl [ Sat Oct 02, 2004 13:40 ]
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link is not working.


Author:  mrwastl [ Sat Oct 02, 2004 13:53 ]
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how do you plan to continue your project?

you as maintainer and we, who send you patches, enhancements a.s.o.

i think this would be the best solution.

(i plan to add some glue to my library serdisplib. well, if it's not THAT hard to realise ;-)

this would mean that at least displays supported by serdisplib will be supported together with linux / *bsd.

(the next release of serdisplib will support t6963-displays and ks0108 and sed1335-displays will be supported in future releases)

but before i can promise these things to the *nix-world i'll need to see the sources first ;-)


p.s.: i finally managed to find the correct url ('source' instead of 'sources') and already had a look at it :-(
seems to be rather windows-tied. it will definitely not be a one-hour hack to bring lcdinfo to the unix world.

Author:  Henri [ Sat Oct 02, 2004 19:01 ]
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Link fixed now. I was in a hurry writing that and forgot to check the link. :oops:

About transferring LCDInfo to Linux. It's true that it won't quite compile straight away but it should not be enormous work to make it happen. Most things I can think of now that are windows dependent are the timer, windows registry use for storing settings and the GUI. Of course it wasn't written with Linux port in mind so there are probably some other things too. I have been thinking to add some kind extra layer that would allow maintaining support for different OS's in single source tree.

Yes, I'm planning to stay as a maintainer as I still have plans for LCDInfo that are just waiting to be realized. If I get any patches and enhancements I'll be glad to add them.

Author:  rbn [ Sun Dec 05, 2004 16:27 ]
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It's great that you are still developing LCDinfo.
Once i finish my current project i will try to commit some work on LCDinfo and my program using serdisplib (
Have anyone contributed code changes yet?


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