128x64 White/Blue USB display available
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Author:  Henri [ Thu Aug 04, 2005 12:49 ]
Post subject:  128x64 White/Blue USB display available

I have had a USB interfaced display done for a while. Now it's also possible for me to build them for the rest of you if there's interest.

Some features:
  • 128 x 64 pixel graphics display
  • Blue background color, white pixels
  • White LED backlight
  • Software controlled backlight brightness
  • Software controlled contrast
  • USB interface for power and data

Here's how the USB interface looks like:

Front of the display with the protection sheet still in place:


Currently I have it running with LCDInfo and LCDStudio and support for other software like LCDHype can be done also if there's interest.
And of course it's also possible to make your own program work with it.

Price including the USB interface and display would be 65 EUR.

If you're interested in this kind thing let me know ;)

Author:  Michael [ Thu Aug 04, 2005 17:17 ]
Post subject: 

I'm interested if I can [re]program the the io lines for other LCD controllers.

Author:  Henri [ Fri Aug 05, 2005 20:29 ]
Post subject: 

I was not planning to open it that much so that it would be user reprogrammable. Of course firmware updates are possible.

But if you'd like to have just the module and firmware for some other controller I'm open for suggestions and probably can offer support for displays with other controllers too.
I have played with many different controllers and displays during the last years with the previous versions of my usb interfaces but just don't have other display specific boards now.

Author:  3Dman [ Thu Aug 11, 2005 17:30 ]
Post subject:  Interest from Latvia :)

I wonder, is it better to be short or tell all the background... Ah, heck, I will be short :)
Hello, "neighbour"! (assuming you from Finland ). Is there a way or place to learn more about your USB solution? I had running some text LCDs by myself in past, etc, but I just upgraded my system, and there is no parallel port anymore, so I was searching a lot for some interesting USB solutions for fancy PC things. So I came across this one. Yes, i have PCI card that does LPT, but I am using it already for my DiscoLitez hardware WinAmp solution, so for LCDs I am very interested in USB.
So, i am wondering, is your offer still real, and how can I learn more about it? I am experienced in tech and soldering stuff for many years, but i am not a programmer (but sure i know how to programm chips, from hardware point of view )
Anyway, thank you! And I hope to hear from you ;)

Riga, Latvia.

Author:  Guest [ Sat Aug 13, 2005 19:36 ]
Post subject: 

Will/is it possible to buy just the interface? I recently bought a KS0108 128*64 graphics LCD and soldered it together but it won't work as I want, only the right half shows :( and perhaps this will work better/easier :)

Author:  slindfors2 [ Sat Aug 13, 2005 20:20 ]
Post subject: 

I wrote the last post, but i forgot to type some stuff and since you can't edit when you are a guest I figured why not register ;)

Anyway, if it is possible to buy just the interface what would it cost including shipping over to your neighbour Sweden? And support for LCDHype would be nice too ;)

Author:  catscit [ Mon Aug 22, 2005 8:33 ]
Post subject: 

I'm interested.
I'd also be interested in an even bigger usb graphic display.
But this one will do for now.
Where do i send the cash?
you can contact me at

Author:  ripper [ Wed Aug 24, 2005 0:05 ]
Post subject: 

i'm also interested... you can contact me @



Author:  catscit [ Sat Aug 27, 2005 11:25 ]
Post subject: 

Hi Henri, any chance in us getting some :D
Been playing with lcdstudio 2.0 and i love to use it with this big usb display.

Author:  Henri [ Sun Aug 28, 2005 18:06 ]
Post subject: 

Sorry everyone for it taking this long to get response. Haven't had a chance to be much online for the last couple weeks. Now I'll start working on the backlog from that time.

Everyone interested in the USB displays can contact me using my forum profile email.

If you're interested in the interface only we can discuss about that too.

Author:  catscit [ Mon Sep 05, 2005 9:43 ]
Post subject: 

just got my usb lcd, thanks Henri!
But what driver type is it?
and using lcdinfo, what port info do i give in for usb?
Only worked with lpt port lcds before.

Author:  catscit [ Tue Sep 06, 2005 11:00 ]
Post subject: 

Got all related software from Henri and this thing rocks.
Must get a bigger one someday.
I've got it running using lcdstudio2, which is more suitable for a dumb guy like me.
Fantastic, what can i say...
i can post photo's for those interested...

Author:  coorz [ Mon Sep 12, 2005 14:09 ]
Post subject: 

catscit wrote:
Got all related software from Henri and this thing rocks.
Must get a bigger one someday.
I've got it running using lcdstudio2, which is more suitable for a dumb guy like me.
Fantastic, what can i say...
i can post photo's for those interested...

How about a short movie of animations running at full speed :wink:

Author:  catscit [ Tue Sep 13, 2005 22:03 ]
Post subject: 

Ok, will make a small movie.
In the mean while i also got lcdinfo working with Henri's help.
That also works but lcdinfo is new to me so will take some while to get decent results.

edit: movie won't work, camera won't cooperate yet, will try tomorrow. Some pictures can be found here: ... 31a62f9191
just choose next!

small low quality movie:
Bit shaky and not 100% sharp/clear

Author:  joost-jan [ Thu Sep 29, 2005 23:00 ]
Post subject: 

Hello Henri what kind of controller is on the lcd?

I have a T6963C controller on my lcd display, and I’m interested in only the USB controller board. Would these two components work together? Of is it impossible?

Is it possible to sent to the Netherlands?

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