x10 Poker Table Clone With prototype LCD controllers
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Author:  stowaway [ Sat Apr 11, 2009 9:49 ]
Post subject:  x10 Poker Table Clone With prototype LCD controllers

I plan to create a clone of this: ... e-0211862/

what it'll need is 10 Touch screen LCD's. Run by a linux box computer and a 27inch Lcd in the middle (although im might scale down the middle lcd)

The table costs 20grand from x10. I think i can create it for 3grand. (USD)

Im budgeting approx 200usd per station. cheap table from garage sale and my own skill in programming and assembly. (plus my buddy owns a computer shop so computer itself will be free)

I have been lookign everywhere for LCD controllers. I was goign to attempt to build one myself (copping someones else idea as im not too skilled with MCU's)

This will probably/hopefulyl be perfect for me...
what do you think?

Author:  Henri [ Sat Apr 11, 2009 20:35 ]
Post subject: 

I think the USBD480 LCD controller board with a suitable LCD panel could work for this kind project.

Something to keep in mind though when planning multi display systems is that the bandwidth of one USB bus is not unlimited. If the bandwidth becomes an issue what can help is adding more USB controller cards to the system. This way you have multiple separate USB buses to share the bandwidth.

Looks like PCI USB cards are not too expensive these days:

If you don't need simultaneous high frame rate updates to all screens at the same time then one USB bus could handle quite many displays.

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