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Author:  Arif Deshmukh [ Wed Jan 26, 2005 21:31 ]
Post subject:  Hi

Right now I have registerd and this is my first posting.


Author:  coorz [ Wed Jan 26, 2005 22:31 ]
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Welcome! I'd say you must be the first Indian to register here :P

Author:  mingingbollock [ Wed Jan 26, 2005 23:17 ]
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Allways good to see new members :D

Author:  Syridian [ Wed Jan 26, 2005 23:28 ]
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14th actually (not including the 800 odd members who have left their location blank)... But then I'm a geek, so I would have to check. ;)

Welcome. :) I agree, always good to see new members. :)

Author:  coorz [ Thu Jan 27, 2005 0:27 ]
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Heh you gots way too much time Syr! Just had a peek myself, saw there's a member from Swaziland 8O

Author:  Syridian [ Thu Jan 27, 2005 2:38 ]
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I don't really have too much time... I just kinda have this forum fairly high on my priority list, as I do actually enjoy it. Besides.... it only took 2 minutes. ;) In fact I spend more time checking out the forum than I do playing with my projects... But thats because I can't afford all the nice bit's that would finish off my projects, and I don't have a workshop at home that I could use to finish them... But thats another story....

Next week, stay tuned for the story of how Syridian's quest for a home workshop is going on Geektunes, the LCDinfo weekly forum serial. ;)

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