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PostPosted: Thu Sep 18, 2003 23:35 

I use the textfile options from LcdInfo to read 4 Textlines from a Playerprogramm to Display it on screen.
This are my settings:

Line4=" $textfile(h:\t.txt,1)$" (where h: is the Drive and t.txt is the File )
Line6=" $textfile(h:\t.txt,2)$"
Line8=" $textfile(h:\t.txt,3)$"
Line10=" $textfile(h:\t.txt,4)$"

Everything works great but sometimes Text- Line 4 which is defined to appear on Display Line 10, appears on the Display at Position Line0 and stays there until i restart LCD Info new or change screen.
This appears sometimes after 2 seconds,somtimes after 3minutes and so on..
The contense of Textline 4 changes repeatly because it shows the played
lenght of a mp3 track like this: 2.33 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
All other Lines or screens are displayed correct.

I tested a lot, but i can't get this effect away. On LCDInfo's screen on the
PC Monitor is the Output correct.
Has anybody an Idea what get's wrong???[/img]

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 21, 2003 22:24 
Not sure what would be causing that (maybe the text file itself sometimes does not contain four lines? So line4 can only grab what it thinks is the 4th line of the textfile (but was actually the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd))?

You could try using



depening on the version of LcdInfo you are using. May work.

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 22, 2003 2:14 
Thank you for your post!
I'll tried that before, but i get no output to the Display when i use the
Graphic Command. I'll think it's because the (( )) I don't know the English Name for that! I use version 3.2 pre 13 . If there is a newer one,
please let me know where to download!!

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 23, 2003 12:20 

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First about the version numbering: 0.3.2 pre13 is one of the preview versions relesed before the final 0.3.2. You can download 0.3.2 here:

But for some newer versions have a look into this post: ... =1646#1646
These might fix some problems you're experiencing.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 24, 2003 3:03 
Thank you Henri, for your Help! With the 0.4pre14 version, my Problem is
gone. But how can i install winio to get faster output? The explantation in the Help File of winio Driver i can't understand. Is there a batch file or script to install them? The Install-Button in LCDInfo - Config won't work yet. Can you help? And sorry for my bad English!!

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 5 posts ] 

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