Possible to slow icon animation ??
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Author:  SIZ [ Tue Oct 21, 2003 17:45 ]
Post subject:  Possible to slow icon animation ??

Hi Henri !

Is it possible to slow down an icon animation with LCDINFO 0.3.2 :?:

I creat some small icon to display an animation on my Ks108 :P Unfortunatly how there are small, the display is too fast and we don't realy see the animation moving. :(

I doble the ligne in the ini file like that to slow down :


It works but it's not a good idea because it take more processor request and it's still not enoug slow. Also there is only 15 icon's displaying by screen (if I'm right). :?

So perahp's I'm not going to do a good usage of this icon ligne but I'found fun to get an animation on LCDINFO.

By the way A big big big congratulation for your buzzy work. :P :P :P
We are waiting LCDINFO 2 with impatience. :wink:


Author:  Henri [ Thu Oct 23, 2003 10:24 ]
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Creative usage of the Icon lines, I'll have to say. ;)
But as you probably guessed they weren't meant to be used like this and cause the side effects you mentioned.

Author:  SIZ [ Thu Oct 23, 2003 13:27 ]
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Well in fact that work well, and if icon files aren't too big it's ok without to much getting time machine.

Have a look if you want. :)

Sorry for the quality I'tried to make a file as small as possible :roll:

As you can see the annimation isn't complet because I'couldn't put enough icons lines in LCDINFO.

Could you think it as a possibility to put annimations in LCDINFO 2 :D

Thanks again so much for your work !

A fanatic of LCDINFO :P

Author:  Henri [ Thu Oct 23, 2003 19:50 ]
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Animations will be supported in new LCDInfo.

I also sent you an email earlier today to your profile address. If you haven't received that you could mail me.

Author:  SIZ [ Fri Oct 24, 2003 13:16 ]
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Animations will be supported in new LCDInfo.

Yes, to cool :D :D :D

Thanks for the mail I answer :D

Keep going
Your fan club :wink:

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