Nokia 6100 LCD and PIC16F877A
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Author:  Vizier87 [ Thu Jan 26, 2012 11:33 ]
Post subject:  Nokia 6100 LCD and PIC16F877A

Hi everyone,

I've posted this question in the ETO forum but not getting a good response there... So I wanted to opt here. So here goes:

1. I've setup my Nokia 6100 LCD, read the datasheet and some tutorials by Jim Lynch (Sparkfun) with some improvisations. I built the circuit using just a perfboard, and hopefully got it all right.

The only thing is, the example programs are a bit harder for me to understand, since they use libraries. I only want to test the LCD and see if my setup is working, so I need a code to just light it up. I can, however, write bare C programs without libraries.

So basically, here's how I connected everything:
1. RC5 (SDO) to SDI of the LCD,
2. RC3 (SCK) to SCK of the LCD,
4. RB3 (PORTB) to CS

I shifted the voltage output of the PIC using diodes to around 3.9V (The max rating, I believe is 4.0V from what I read in the datasheet)

Also, I used an LM7808 (8V output) to power the lighting.

So, can anyone guide me to a simple, library-free test MikroC program? I've fossicked everywhere for it, no avail though.

2. There's also another thing. I tested the output of the PIC's toggling output (to simulate a SCK and SDO signal) at 1ms interval. After the signal goes through two voltage-dropping diodes, the output is like this:


I wonder if it affects the performance of the LCD?

Thanks for the time spent on this guys.


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