Need info on LM15SGFNZ07 LCD module
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Author:  only4seasons [ Tue Oct 31, 2006 18:52 ]
Post subject:  Need info on LM15SGFNZ07 LCD module

I need help with the LM15SGFNZ07 LCD module used in Siemens A65, M55, C60, MC60, S55, A60.

This is the display

After a lot of searching I found out that the module is manufactured by the chinese company Matrix Crystal. It uses HM17CM4101 CSTN controller. However, I can't find any datasheet and they haven't answered my email.

Has anyone used or has any info about this particular display ?

Author:  TB [ Mon Nov 20, 2006 16:52 ]
Post subject:  info on LM15SGFNZ07 LCD module

I tried to use an DisplayModule from Siemens S55, but I haven´t got very far by now.

At least I found an adress for the specified datasheet.
The manual contains 111 pages (FileSize 2MB).

I hope this may be helpful to you.

Author:  TB [ Mon Nov 20, 2006 17:35 ]
Post subject: 

Hi again,

with a little luck I found another link (on a bulgarian website) to this Pinout and Photo

I´ll try this.

Author:  only4seasons [ Tue Nov 21, 2006 14:39 ]
Post subject: 

Thanks TB.

I found datasheets for HM17CM256 and HM17CM4096 but still no luck with HM17CM4101.
I made up a quick test assuming it's HM17CM256 but so far my display remains black. I also have no phone to test it on so I'm in the dark whether the display is still good or not.

Author:  elparadise [ Mon Mar 23, 2009 0:34 ]
Post subject:  Init code

This seems to be the init code to initialize display:

&hF4, &h90, &hB3, &hA0, &hD0, &hF0, &hE2, &hD4, &h70, &h66, &hB2, &hBA, &hA1, &hA3, &hAB, &h94, &h95, &h95, &h95, &hF5, &h90, &hF1, &h00, &h10, &h22, &h30, &h45, &h50, &h68, &h70, &h8A, &h90, &hAC, &hB0, &hCE, &hD0, &hF2, &h0F, &h10, &h20, &h30, &h43, &h50, &h66, &h70, &h89, &h90, &hAB, &hB0, &hCD, &hD0, &hF3, &h0E, &h10, &h2F, &h30, &h40, &h50, &h64, &h70, &h87, &h90, &hAA, &hB0, &hCB, &hD0, &hF4, &h0D, &h10, &h2E, &h30, &h4F, &h50, &hF5, &h91, &hF1, &h01, &h11, &h22, &h31, &h43, &h51, &h64, &h71, &h86, &h91, &hA8, &hB1, &hCB, &hD1, &hF2, &h0F, &h11, &h21, &h31, &h42, &h51, &h63, &h71, &h85, &h91, &hA6, &hB1, &hC8, &hD1, &hF3, &h0B, &h11, &h2F, &h31, &h41, &h51, &h62, &h71, &h83, &h91, &hA4, &hB1, &hC6, &hD1, &hF4, &h08, &h11, &h2B, &h31, &h4F, &h51, &h80, &h94, &hF5, &hA2, &hF4, &h60, &hF0, &h40, &h50, &hC0, &hF4, &h70

&hF0, &h81, &hF4, &hB3, &hA0, &hF0, &h06, &h10, &h20, &h30, &hF5, &h0F, &h1C, &h2F, &h34, &hf0, &h0f, &h00, &h0f, &h00, &Hf5, 79, 4, 111, 6

Author:  only4seasons [ Tue Mar 24, 2009 12:56 ]
Post subject: 

That's great news. I've almost lost any hope on this LCD.
I'll try these codes as soon as I have some spare time. Did you capture them from a Siemens phone ? Can you post more details, pics, etc ?
Thank you.

Author:  elparadise [ Tue Mar 24, 2009 13:39 ]
Post subject: 

Was extrapolated from elektor's sources...
You can find and download code from here: ... 9897.lynkx

Author:  only4seasons [ Thu Mar 26, 2009 4:20 ]
Post subject:  LM15SGFNZ07 LCD module

You must be an angel elparadise :D . The init code works like a charm. It seems the chip is perfectly compatible with HM17CM4096.
From this point onward... piece of cake.

Many thanks.


Author:  neil s [ Mon Apr 06, 2009 10:06 ]
Post subject: 

I don't think it's a good idea to replicate Elektor's code here. It's not intended to be public domain, and they still list that article for sale on their website.

I will try and capture the initialisation sequence the phone uses and post it here so we can use it instead. (I did this for the Nokia 7560 here:

Author:  neil s [ Tue Apr 07, 2009 16:45 ]
Post subject: 

Ok, have captured some data... And it's identical to the list above. Oh well.

Image Image

FWIW, the delay towards the end of the sequence is about 350us.

edit: Posted some source for driving via a parallel port in case anyone's interested here.

Author:  Ramsley [ Fri Oct 16, 2009 14:05 ]
Post subject: 

Hello people!

I need help… As usual =)

I would like to implement color LCD in some of my next projects. And currently I have a lot of color LCD’s but don’t know what controllers they use.

I have read about Siemens S65 LS020 and Nokia various LCD’s.

But I have two of “LM15SGFNZ15” LCD modules from Siemens C65, and I don’t want to buy S65 display (around 20$).

I see you have utilized LM15SGFNZxx from other Siemens phones. Does someone know controller for my LM15SGFNZ15 display (its 130x130, 65k colors, CSTN, as marked in service manual for phone), or have any additional information’s?

Best regards,

Author:  only4seasons [ Sat Oct 17, 2009 0:04 ]
Post subject: 


Maybe this topic helps:
The LCD pinout seems to be identical to S65. Check the LED pins first to make sure.

These datasheets might help aswell: S6B33B2 and S6B33A2


Author:  Ramsley [ Sat Oct 17, 2009 9:00 ]
Post subject: 

Thanks only4seasons =)

I had found that information before, and coincidentally I have one more of LCD’s with that controller S6B33B2. So I’ll try…

But these other two displays with LM15SGFNZ15 are pain in the eyes for me, look pretty and I can’t use them, hehe

I thought that you guys have found some more information’s about these HM17CMXX controller family, and that there is LM15SGFNZ15


Author:  gvi70000 [ Fri Apr 09, 2010 17:19 ]
Post subject: 

I have two questions about this display

Can it be used as a serial lcd?
Does anyone has a library of this LCD for Arduino?

Author:  gvi70000 [ Wed Apr 14, 2010 18:40 ]
Post subject: 

can anybody guide me to build a library for arduino for this lcd?

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