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PostPosted: Mon Aug 24, 2009 23:00 

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I have an old handheld digital Oscilloscope which has a Toshiba TLX-1013 LCD display. Unfortunately the LCD is damaged (a lot of pixels are black making it unusable).
I looked for this display on the internet and either is discontinued or it is sold by for $250.00 a piece. Almost the value of the Scope!!! And, the manufacturer has discontinued this unit as usual.
So I went to Digi Key and they sell a very similar unit with some pins in a different position so it is matter to make the appropiate breakout cable... Even the physical dimensions are almost the same by one or two milimeters.
At an affordable $70.75 USD, I would buy it inmediately. And they have a stock of over 72 pieces.
If anyone with more expertise could take a look to both datasheets I will really appreciate for some advice regarding these two LCD modules. Both modules uses the T6963C controller and the architecture is very similar.
So the links for both data sheet are:
Digikey: ... I-VZ%23-ND
Toshiba: ... tm?Lang=en

The Digikey part is a LED backlit unit while the Toshiba one is an Electroluminiscense unit which requires an inverter.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


PostPosted: Tue Sep 01, 2009 13:33 

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Hello Again,

Time to self reply to my previous post.
I checked more in detail both datasheets and I realized that despite of being very similar the RAM addressing method is different between these modules I have found making them uncompatible.
I even got in contact with the original manufacturer of the TLX-1013 (System Elektronik in Germany) and they told me that this device is out of production.

Searching on the net, I found that the TG160128B-01 made by OPPOD replaces the TLX-1013.
Now it appears that this module is manufactured by many companies in China with different prices and therefore it should be very similar right? WRONG! Apparently despite of having the same part number the inner workings of the LCDs is quite different.
I found a manufacturer see: ... 8%20series

And they make three different versions of this module but, on the inside there are more differences besides the LCD color. All of them uses the T6963C main controller but for the row and collumn addressing one uses the SDN8080G controller by Avant electronics and one uses a T6963C+T6A39+T6A40 arrangement, all chipset made by Toshiba. Unfortunately the datasheet for the TLX-1013 doesn't go further than that and it only shows a X driver and Y driver for rows and columns respectively. It appears to me that the one with a full Toshiba chipset is the one who matches the TLX-1013.

If any body with more experience about these LCD modules can provide more advice I will greatly appreciate it. Maybe somebody with a physical TLX-1013 can take a loot at the back of the module and confirm the chipset used...

Unfortunately, most of the Chinese manufacturers provide very scarce information, even their "Datasheets" limits only to the pinout and operation voltages and no programming information is given.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking to program one of these beauties, I only want to replace a broken TLX-1013. This module uses a two screen addressing mode which was needed when this device was designed due to memory constraints. Now with higher density memory modules this is no longer a problem so new modules even using the same controller uses a "Linear"addressing mode instead of page switching or banking. This forces me to select the right display.

Could anybody please provide some advice? Worst case, have any of you a spare TLX-1013?


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PostPosted: Wed Sep 02, 2009 11:10 

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Do you know the Pinout of TLX-1013 LCD? SDN8080G is the driver chip, if the LCD module have the same Pinout and with same controller as TLX-1013, that would be work.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2012 0:42 

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I know it's a long time ago, but are you still looking for a TLX-1013?
I have just binned a TrafficMaster unit as the service has been discontinued, but I removed the display first.
Anyone want it? Please post and email as I cannot guarantee getting back to this site too soon.


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