Help identify LCD from Epson CX8400 Printer
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Author:  runnerup [ Wed Apr 07, 2010 23:52 ]
Post subject:  Help identify LCD from Epson CX8400 Printer

Does anyone have information on the LCD panel from Epson CX8400 Printer? Datasheet, controller etc?
I don't even know the dimensions of this LCD, but its pretty big (used image editing software to "estimate" the size -- roughly 325x260).

Chip on the back reads Epson E09A 81AA G7606. Couldn't find anything about this chip on the web. (Please see the attached pic.)
I am guessing the chip on the back actually is a micro of some sort. I don't have access to any probing equipment :( so please help.



Author:  jgray [ Tue Oct 26, 2010 8:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: Help identify LCD from Epson CX8400 Printer

I recently pulled a color LCD from an Epson Stylus Photo R390. It is a 3.5" LCD, 320x240 QVGA. I found the service manual for this all-in-one printer/scanner and the pinout is below. Your LCD only has 9 pins, but may have similar signals.

My LCD had numbers on the PCB and numbers on the Epson controller IC. I assume that they were in-house numbers, as I couldn't find data on any of them.

I haven't tried programming my LCD yet, so I'm not sure of the proper method. At a guess, maybe the SDATA0-SDATA2 lines are to be loaded with successive RGB values, strobing the SCLK line for each one. If that is how it works, then this display would work like a raster CRT, painting each line until the screen is filled. This is purely a guess, however. If anyone knows different, please educate me.

1 - GND
2 - SCLK
3 - GND
4 - SCE
5 - SDATA0
6 - SDATA1
7 - SDATA2
8 - GND
9 - PNLRST (active low)
10 - +3.3V
11 - +3.3V

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