How to connect Powertip PG12864 ARU-ANN-G ? [KS0108]
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Author:  IFI_Mani.a [ Wed Aug 20, 2003 19:07 ]
Post subject:  How to connect Powertip PG12864 ARU-ANN-G ? [KS0108]

Hi! I've got a Powertip PG12864 ARU-ANN-G. There are 3 Chips on the back: KS0108B, KS0107B and KS01???? (The Last Letters are destoryed). Here is the Pin-Assignment from the Manufactors Data-Sheet:

Pin No. Symbol Function
1 VSS Power supply for logic GND
2 VDD Power supply for logic (+2.8~5.5V)
3 VO Operating voltage for LCD driving
4 D/I Register selection input
High =Data register
Low =Instruction register (for write)
Busy flag address counter (for read)
5 R/W R/W signal input is used to select the read/write
mode High =Read mode, Low =Write mode
6 E Start enable signal to read or write the data
7~14 DB 0~DB7 Data bus
15 CS1 Chip enable for D2 (segment 1 to segment 64)
16 CS2 Chip enable for D3 (segment 65 to segment 128)
17 RST Reset signal
18 VEE Power supply for LCD driving
19 BL+ Enable (on/off) for EL B/L
20 BL- No

Now, my question is: Is this Display compatible to LCDInfo? And if yes: How do I connect this LCD to my Printer Port?

Author:  Henri [ Fri Aug 22, 2003 12:09 ]
Post subject: 

Yes it is compatible with LCDInfo.

The pinout seems to be like here:
But your display has EL backlight so you need to connect the pins 19 and 20 to inverter.

RS means same as D/I for pin 4.

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