introducting myself + a question
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Author:  kaztronics [ Thu Nov 11, 2010 5:23 ]
Post subject:  introducting myself + a question

Hi I have a small Industrial and Consumer Electronics service shop.
Have been repairing electronics my whole life (more then 3 decades).
I live in Canada.
I probably will have more questions then answers, but I will try to contribute as well.

So I start with a question:
I need G321DX5R1AC (Seiko) display for industrial application. I found a sub FGM320200A-FWX1CCWR-Z (by Fema) that is functionally a drop-in replacement. Problem is that it fails, I already put a second one and is failing too.
The original is NLA, anywhere.
I was able to get G324EX5R1A0 that has a different resolution but I believe should work (just 'squished' vertically) the problem is that '0' means it's without SED1335 controller and RAM IC, plus some 'glue' electronics.
So what I need is a schematic of G324EX5R1AC so I know what parts I'm missing.
A schematic of G321DX5R1AC would help to as I located someone in China who can provide me the one without Controller, same story like the above.
May be a good picture of them, off which I could ID parts?

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