PLEASE USE A DESCRIPTIVE SUBJECT! + more posting guidance
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Author:  Henri [ Sun Apr 25, 2004 17:19 ]
Post subject:  PLEASE USE A DESCRIPTIVE SUBJECT! + more posting guidance

To make things easier for everyone and to improve your chances for getting usable answers you need to think about the subject a little. The subject might even be the most important thing in your post.
Things that could be included in the subject are the model of the display that is discussed in the topic, controller if that might help, and other words describing what the topic is about. It might not always be easy to fit everything in the subject field but you can at least try.

Also it's good practice to show in your post that you have done some work yourself and already tried searching for answer in this forum or somewhere else. If for example you have a question about some specific display you can include links to the datasheets and other useful information there. If you don't do this someone else has to do this work before helping and that is quaranteed to keep many from answering even if they might have the knowledge to give the answer with some more information.

Some thought about these things should benefit everyone using this forum.
Many subjects and posts in the forum are good but there are also many that could use some more thought.

I must confess that sometimes I'm guilty of bad subjects and bad posts myself also but you can always try to improve. :)

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Also concider if you are posting in the correct forum for the type of question you are asking. If your subject doesn't seem appropriate for the forum you are concidering posting in, have a look to see if there is a forum with more relevance.

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