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 Post subject: VFC Laptop LCD help
PostPosted: Mon Dec 26, 2005 0:24 

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Ok, I decided to give this project a go. I dont have a digital camera, so i cannot take any pictures, however once I get my capture card working, ill give you a low-res picture from my video camera.

But Anyway, I am using a cirrus logic PCI card that has a VFC on it. It seems to be the only card out of my 5 that will even work. I have 2 ATI cards, a PCI all-in-wonder, and an AGP Rage, which both have VFC, but neither work!

The Trident doesnt work either, but the required resistors and caps are not on the board, so the VFC was expected to not be used. (tried putting in the proper components, but no go either).

Then I have a voodoo 2 that also has a connector, but i dont think its VFC. (pinouts not even close).

Come down to my last card, Cirrus Logic, and it worked.

Could be the motherboard stopping it from working too. its a 800mhz athlon with on-board video. (disabled).

My LCD: NL6448-AC30-10 which has the same pinout as the AC30-03.

So, i found data on the 03, and used it. turned out to be the same pinout.

I seen and posted in another thread, and his screenshots shows perfect 256-color mode pallette with his LCD, and its a 9-bit.

My LCD however is a 12-bit, so it wont wire the same, I used this wiring to achieve 256-colors:


P0 Primary Blue B0
P1 Primary Greed G0
P2 Primary Red R0
P3 Primary Intensity R1, G1, B1 - Luminance
P4 Secondary Blue B2
P5 Secondary Green G2
P6 Secondary Red R2
P7 Secondary Intensity R3, G3, B3 - Luminance

So, I however, did get 256-colors. but its a pure mess. none of the colors are right. everything looks like rainbows, my icons look nearly black and white, any gradients look like a rainbow mess. (CRT 256-color looks fine). LCD looks like a mess. That windows 95 background looks like someone smashed the screen on my LCD. WTF??

In order to obtain any color, i have to use high color mode. 16bit.

if i change to 256-color mode, everything goes all dull, cant read anything, and it all goes black and white nearly.

Any ideas? is it because its a 12-bit display? or video card bad?

the Award BIOS screen shows normal color, but it runs at a slightly different frequency than normal VGA, so it cant sync that well, and contains lots of lines.

DOS looks kinda blue. windows looks fine, but the colors are way WRONG.

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