Timing required connecting sed13305 to LC79430 based LCD
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Author:  dickydodds [ Wed Oct 26, 2011 13:18 ]
Post subject:  Timing required connecting sed13305 to LC79430 based LCD

Dont know if you guys can help but here goes...

I have 2 LC79430 based LCD's - yes from ebay! - here ... 1439.l2649

They are new LC79430 and LC79401 based. Model EDT EW50107FLYU 320x240
Pinout is as follows:
1 vo (interestingly, pin 2 and 3 dont adjust contrast with a pot or with -18v applied to vee and the pot connected)
2 vee
3 D3 to 79401
4 D2 to 79401
5 D1 to 79401
6 D0 to 79401
7 gnd
8 +5
9 CL2 to 79401
10 CL1 to 79430
11 FLM (DIOB0)
12 LED K
13 LED A
14 NU
Looks like 'm' is generated on board
I am using an atmega 88 so I can change the timing parameters of the timings.
My program works and LCDstudio works with another 320x240 LCD I have but with on board SED.
However, both progs give me a display on the new LCDs with a bought external board with the sed on it but it is as if the framing is too fast on it. I can see the x clocked data displayed in the correct x column but it is all down the screen (as if vertical hold is lost).

I have tried various initialisations in my program (lcdhype and lcdstudio wont allow display timing changes )

The current settings I use to init the sed are as follows (I am changing command &H40 P4, P5, P6 and P7 when I try setting up the display):
Call Lcd_send_cmd(&H40)
Call Lcd_send_data(&H30)
Call Lcd_send_data(&H87)
Call Lcd_send_data(&H07)
Call Lcd_send_data(&H27)
Call Lcd_send_data(&H55)
Call Lcd_send_data(&Hef)
Call Lcd_send_data(&H28)
Call Lcd_send_data(&H00)
Call Lcd_send_cmd(&H44)
Call Lcd_send_data(&H00)
Call Lcd_send_data(&H00)
Call Lcd_send_data(&Hf0)
Call Lcd_send_data(&Hb0)
Call Lcd_send_data(&H04)
Call Lcd_send_data(&Hf0)
Call Lcd_send_cmd(&H4c)
Call Lcd_send_cmd(&H5a)
Call Lcd_send_data(&H00)
Call Lcd_send_cmd(&H5b)
Call Lcd_send_data(&H01)
Call Lcd_send_cmd(&H59)
Call Lcd_send_data(&H10)
Call Lcd_send_cmd(&H5d)
Call Lcd_send_data(&H07)
Call Lcd_send_data(&H87)
Call Lcd_send_data(&H4c)
Call Lcd_send_cmd(&H46)
Call Lcd_send_data(&H00)
Call Lcd_send_data(&H00)
Call Lcd_send_cmd(&H42)

Sorry this is long winded, I know the sed can work with these chips from seeing other datasheets but I dont know what I am doing wrong....

Any help / pointersd appreciated.

Author:  dickydodds [ Thu Oct 27, 2011 9:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: Timing required connecting sed13305 to LC79430 based LCD

All Sorted! I had FLM connected to WF instead of YD and didnt realise I needed a -ve voltage on VEE - 3 x 9volt batteries proved that worked ok!


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