The Dot Factory: A free LCD font and image generator
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Author:  Pavius [ Sat Aug 01, 2009 1:02 ]
Post subject:  The Dot Factory: A free LCD font and image generator

The Dot Factory is an open source (C#) free (GPL) font and bitmap generator for dot matrix LCDs. There are quite a few of these around but they are either commercial, closed source or lacking.
    * Generates only the letters required by the user and uses a font descriptor array to access, in O(1), the bitmap for the requested character
    * Descriptor array is stored only for the required range of characters
    * Strips all possible vertical/horizontal padding from bitmaps
    * Space character is generated by code, not by bitmap. This removes the need to hold a large descriptor array (since space is the lowest ASCII character and is often used)
    * Array can be formatted in binary to allow easy visual tweaking of character
    * Generates both source file info and header file info
    * Bitmap conversion supported as well
    * Many settings for conversion result - hex/binary, flipped, LSb/MSb first, etc.
    * Open source (C#), released under GPL
    * Tested on XP, Server 2003 and Vista

In addition, i've also released my Nokia 7110 driver. This is a non buffered driver, specially tailored for uCs that can't store the ~900 bytes of back buffer required by the 7110. It supports page aligned and non page aligned writes (the 7110 does not support read modify write so you can't share a page).

You can get the zipped executable (37KB unzipped) here, and the 7110 driver here. Comments, bug reports, wish lists are welcomed.


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