T6963C Graphic Mode - weird data display ??!!
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Author:  ytecky [ Sun Aug 09, 2009 11:37 ]
Post subject:  T6963C Graphic Mode - weird data display ??!!

I am new to this forum... not too sure how it works.
So please bare with me.... ^_^

I'm using T6963C in Graphic Mode...
I can display most things correctly.
BUT some data cannot be displayed properly !!
I've set it to 30 columns per line
i.e. 30 x 128 bytes for the graphic RAM

I can display 0xFF, or 0, or 0xFE etc to every byte correctly
but if i tried to display, say 0xFE the data will be displayed at the wrong positions....

I don't understand why some data are being displayed correctly but some are not, while calling the same function and using the same piece code...
Has anyone had similar problem???


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