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Author:  kkchoudari [ Thu Sep 17, 2009 13:26 ]
Post subject:  read from lcd

Hi all,
Iam new to this community. hopefully think i get answer for my question.
I developed a driver code for HG202-1A dot matrix lcd (2X20) in linux for samsung board .iam able to send data to lcd and able to use allcommands
but iam unable to read from the lcd .
my snippet is like this (this cod e i changed for linux)
LCD_RS = 1;
LCD_RW = 1;
LCD_EN = 1;
DATA = LCD_data;
LCD_EN = 0;
iam able to get only last written data from lcd i cleared the data port before reading at that time iam not getting any thing.
where us the pitfall iam not getting exactly .my view is that iam unable to read from lcd .
can anyone please help out. iam in urgency.

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