Non commercial Font and Bitmap Generator for graphic LCDs e.
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Author:  muGUI [ Thu Mar 18, 2010 21:41 ]
Post subject:  Non commercial Font and Bitmap Generator for graphic LCDs e.

Hi all,

under you can download the free and non commercial Font and Bitmap Generator V0.0.9.1. for embedded systems code generation.

The Font and Bitmap Generator allows the intuitive creation of fonts and images for dot matrix LCDs in microcontroller projects and generates program code from these fonts and images in a user-defined format e.g. C code for the ATMega.

- Creating grid-based fonts and bitmap groups.
- Supports monospace and proportional fonts and allows the conversion of one into the other format.
- Extensive drawing tools for drawing points, lines, ellipses and rectangles.
- Editing tools such as filling, invert, move, mirror.
- Zoom in and out of individual bitmaps and whole groups.
- Undo function.
- Configurable Ascender Descender and lines.
- Width optimization function.
- Import of system fonts.
- Import image files of type bmp, jpg, gif, png, tiff, including selectable dithering and threshold correction.
- User-specific default values adjustable and storable.
- Simple project management.
- Easily copy, move and delete bitmaps within groups.
- Flexible assignment of pixels to bit positions in the export file.
- Customizable XSL file to generate source code for various programming language compiler.


Author:  muGUI [ Sat Jun 19, 2010 18:20 ]
Post subject: 

Hi All,

today I released Version 0.1 :

- Problem of the program crash when importing large fonts is fixed.
- Temporal use restriction removed.
- Installer now also suitable for Win7 64Bit.


Author:  muGUI [ Fri Jan 07, 2011 17:08 ]
Post subject:  Re: Non commercial Font and Bitmap Generator for graphic LCD

Hi all,

the Font and Bitmap Generator V stopped working at the 31.12.2010. I fixed the problem and released Version today:


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