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 Post subject: Help for editing screens
PostPosted: Thu Nov 14, 2002 20:15 

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Here I'm going to explain what all the settings in the ini files mean and how you can edit them.

LCDInfo doesn't have any fancy graphical screen editor yet so you have to edit the configuration files by hand at the moment. You can use Notepad or your favorite text editor to modify them.

Beginning from LCDInfo version 0.3 the screen configuration files can be found from LCDInfo\screens\ directory. The example files are named like 128x64_ks0108.ini, 240x128_t6963c.ini, 240x64_t6963c.ini, etc. Filenames aren't fixed in any way and you can rename them and make your own ones. Setting file currently used can be changed in the Screens section of LCDInfo_Config program.

From the top of the file you can find a section called [Info]. It has a setting called Description where you can give some information of your design.

This section is optional and not all configs have it.
Description=Screen config for 240x64 T6963C display

Next in the file are sections for each screen [Screen0], [Screen1], etc. Maximum number of screens is 10 currently but it has been raised to 20 in the latest development versions. Every screen has a setting Enable which determines if the screen is shown (0 - off / 1 - on).
Interval setting defines how long the screen is shown (ms). 1000 = 1 second. Bitmap is the background picture.

After that are the Icon settings.
Image icon:
Icon0=path\filename.bmp(x position,y position)
Predefined changing icon:
Icon0=iconname(x position,y position)
Currently winampstatus and winampchannels are available.
Maximum number of icons is 15 per screen.

Text shown on the display is configured with the Line0, Line1,... lines. Text can be freely written to these lines and variables with dollar signs as delimiters can be put between text. For example $mbmtemp(1)$ is Motherboard Monitor's sensor number 1.

List of variables available can be found from this page:

Line1=" : $mbmtemp(1)$ c"
Line2=" : $mbmtemp(2)$ c"
Line5=" : $mbmvolt(0)$V +12V : $mbmvolt(4)$V"
Line6=" : $mbmvolt(2)$V + 5V : $mbmvolt(3)$V"

There are still more settings but this should get you started. Let me know if this is helpful and I can write something about rest of the settings too. Some feedback of what settings I should describe would be nice. Also I can try to describe some settings above more carefully if needed.

 Post subject: LCDInfo 0.3.2
PostPosted: Tue Dec 10, 2002 17:53 

Joined: Sun May 05, 2002 22:05
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Location: Lappeenranta, Finland
One big new feature since version 0.3.1 is the support for truetype fonts. You can use any font available in your system. Fonts can be used for your own text or variables.

Fonts are defined in the beginning of the screen ini and 5 different fonts can be used.


Name should be pretty self explaining, it's the name of the font.
Size is the font size.
CutTop can be used to cut some pixels from the top of the font area as many fonts have unnecessary empty space in them.
CutLeft same as above to cut empty space in front of the font.
Invert can be used to invert the background and font colors - white font on black blackround. This is useful to see how much the font has empty space that can be cut with CutTop and CutLeft.

How to use the defined fonts

Graphic1=text(10,23,1,"Free text")

Graphic2=text(x position, y position, font number, $variable$ or "any text")

Icon support for KS0108 should now also work. Y position for fonts and icons should be 0, 7, 15, 23, 31, 39, 47 or 55 when using KS0108 controller or else there may be some strange results.

POP3 accounts

-Support for 5 pop3 accounts
-Syntax is $mailcount(0)$, $mailcount(1)$, ...
-Settings like server, username and password are set in lcdinfo.ini

IP numbers

External ip:
-variable $extip$
-Using this page to get the ip:
-Some configuration options in lcdinfo.ini
-Disabled by default

Local ip:
-variable changed from $omaip$ to $localip$


-Track number stripped from Winamp trackname
-Current track number and total playlist tracks for Winamp $winamptracknum$ $winamptracktotal$
-Thanks for these goes to Langley Rock as without him these wouldn't probably be implemented yet

-text file reading support can be used to gather winamp3 info
-instructions are here:

Updated list of variables should be coming here

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